How To Make Chaney Root Tea, Health Benefits & Side Effects

How To Make Chaney Root Tea, Health Benefits & Side Effects

Today we will talk about herbal medicine. In this, we will know how to make this tea, its health benefits & side effects. Its circulation is happening the most in today’s time. So we found it right to choose this topic for you so that you could get complete and correct information about this tea. So keep reading further.

What Is Chaney Root?

What Is Chaney Root?

Jamaica is a cockpit country but herbs are cultivated on a very large scale here. Chaney root is a famous brown medicine in Jamaica.

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Which is found in the forests of Jamaica. This route is dug out of the ground. It is a long ted pole-shaped size. Chaney root is also known as Simlax Balbisiana, Chaney winder, prickly green Brier, and Chaney wine.

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this tea is bitter in taste. When this root is boiled in water, it prepares a healthy drink. Which is called tea or tonic. There are many benefits of drinking this tea that we will share beyond you.

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What Are The Health Benefits of Chaney Root Tea?

What Are The Health Benefits of Chaney Root Tea?

Talking about its health benefits, it is very beneficial for health. If you use this tea in your diet, then it protects your body from various health problems. At the same time, this tea is consumed by women and men of all ages. Which is as follows.

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1. Improve sex drive

Using this tea regularly improves sex drives in men. Which increases stamina. So it is beneficial for men whose sex drive is weak.

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2. Rich in Iron

Iron is found in abundance in this tea. Therefore, it fulfills blood deficiency in the body. In addition, this tea meets blood deficiency during periods and after delivery for women. By including this tea in your diet, you can get rid of all these problems. and strengthens your physical strength.

3. Cleanse the blood

This tea makes your body Detoxify. Which removes the impurities produced in the blood. So that the blood flow in the veins can be properly. and improves the quality of blood.

Regular use of this tea also reduces your increased LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). If your doctor is advising you to clean the blood, then you can try this tea.

4. Improve skin complexion and fatigue

Channi root tea is a beneficial drink for the skin. It is helpful in improving skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, pigmentation, pimples, and uneven skin tones. Regular use of this tea cures all these problems.

5. Beneficial for rheumatism and arthritis

This tea acts as a panacea for a person suffering from arthritis and back pain. If you give this tea to a patient with arthritis, then they proves to be very effective. If the tea gram route is given to the patient during the early time of arthritis, then it is easy to deal with this disease.

6. Anemia and low blood count

If the tea of Chaney root is given to the patient with anemia, it proves to be very effective for their sleep quality. Apart from this, this tea is also used to increase low blood count and improve blood quality.

This tea is very easy to make. Which you can easily make at your home. Let’s see the recipe.

How To Make Chaney Root Tea?

How To Make Chaney Root Tea?

It is very easy to make, for this, you need very few ingredients.


Chaney root 25 gm
900ml water
sugar or sweetener as per your taste

Soak the Chaney root in water overnight. The next day, add 900ml of water and boil it for 20 to 25 minutes. (Because it is bitter in taste, it is necessary to boil it well) After this, you add sweetener. And now your tea is ready, you can drink it 2 to 3 times a day.

Bonus Tips

To make this tea even more healthy, you can also add Hibiscus Flower to it. After boiling tea, you put Hibiscus Flowers in it and turn off the flame. Let the flowers infuse for at least 10 minutes. And then add sweetener. So your Chaney root tonic will be ready. (you can use dry or fresh hibiscus flowers)

What Is The Best Time To Drink Chaney Root Tea?

By the way, you can take this tea 2 to 3 times a day. But if you replace your coffee and normal tea with Chaney root tea. So it is the best time. this tea is very bitter in taste, so you can drink it by reboiling it 2 to 3 times.

Who Shouldn’t Take Chaney Root Tea?

Who Shouldn't Take Chaney Root Tea?

This tea is mostly forbidden for diabetes, high blood pressure, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, etc. But even if you want to take this tea, we recommend them to consult with a doctor.

What Are The Side Effects Of Chaney Root Tea?

No more side effects have been revealed to using this tea. But using it more can cause problems like stomach chest, and kidney irritation. But it’s not completely valid.

Chaney root is not FDA-approved so it has not gone through safety and testing. If you are on any medicine. So you take this Chaney root only on consultation with the doctor.

Moderations are the key therefore the healthy drink that can benefit you, then it can also harm you due to over-dose. So include this tea with the correct information in your diet.

Final Words

This Tea is a healthy drink. Which you have the ability to fight normal diseases in day-to-day life.

Overdose is of any healthy drink or any food. your body gives you a signal. it is necessary to recognize the Symptoms.

If you are going on with any chronic disease and are on medicine, then you should consult your health adviser or your doctor without taking this tea.


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