How To Make DIY Yoni Oil & Yoni Soap Recipe At Home

How To Make DIY Yoni Oil Recipe At Home

In this post, How To Make DIY Yoni Oil & Soap Recipe At Home. we will tell you what yoni oil is very much discussed nowadays regarding women’s hygiene.

We have its advantages, side effects, and how can you make DIY yoni oil in your home. Will it be beneficial for you in the actual act? We will give you all this information through our honest review. So let’s get complete information about Yoni oil.

What Exactly Is Yoni Oil?

What Exactly Is Yoni Oil?

Before discussing what Yoni oil is, what is Yoni? Want to tell you about it. The Yoni is a Sanskrit word. Which means Vagina. which we call Sacred Temple, The Devine Path, Valva, Womb, etc. Vaginal oil contains essential oils made of herbs.

This oil is used for women’s oral health, ie vagina health care. Such as dryness, moisturizing vaginal tissue, balance pH level, itching and discomfort, ingrown hair, and unusual discharge.

This vaginal oil contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, using this oil regularly is also able to prevent bad odor and yeast infections. This oil is designed for external use only.

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What Are The Ingredients In Yoni Oil?

You will find a lot of brands in the Yoni Oil online store. In which different types of ingredients are used. If we give you a list of all those ingredients, which are found in most yoni oil.

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All these ingredients come in the top list which is used in yoni oil.

How To Make Organic DIY Yoni Oil At Home?

How To Make Organic DIY Yoni Oil At Home?

If you do not want to spend your money on yoni oil, then you can make your own natural DIY yoni oil. Whose process is very easy. let’s jump to the recipe.

Before starting, let us tell you that if you want to make the best yoni oil, then you have to make a yoni oil only for proper measurement, you cannot take all the ingredients without measuring.

Recipe No. 1


Olive oil 40 ml
Sweet almond oil 10ml
Hemp seed oil 48ml
Tea tree Essential oil 6 drops
Orange Essential oil 6 drops
Roseberry Essential oil 6 drops
Jasmine flowers 1 gram
Hibiscus flowers 1 gram
Rose flowers 1 gram
Lavender flowers 1 gram

Take an empty bottle of glass with a dropping cap. Add all the flowers to it. Mix all these essential oils over it. Mix and mix well. After that, keep this bottle in the sun and let this bottle be influenced for 15 days. After that you keep this oil in a cold and dry place, now it is ready to use DIY yoni oil and let your vagina refresh.

Recipe no. 2


Avacado oil 18g
Neem Esssential oil 0.6g
Almond oil 30g
Peppermint Essential oil 1.2g
Vitamin E oil 6g
Lemon grass Esssencial oil 1.2g
Tea Tree Essential oil 3g

Take a glass bottle with a dropping cap. Mix the oils well. And after 1 day your yoni oil will be ready to use. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Do not use it if you are allergic to any herb or oil.

How To Apply Yoni Oil?

How To Apply Yoni Oil?

To get the best results from yoni oil, you have to keep some things in mind to use it.

1. After taking the shower, dry the intimate area. After this, some drops of yoni oil have to be taken on your palm and massaged in your intimate area for a few seconds.

2. You should use yoni oil only 2 times. Or when you feel the need.

3. Shake the bottle before using it.

4. Do not let the oil go inside the vagina.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoni Oil?

Now it comes to Yoni Oil’s benefits. So there are many benefits to using it. Out of this, we have shared those common problems that women have to face in everyday life.

1. Beneficial for moisturizing

Using the bathroom repeatedly causes dryness in the vagina. And vaginal oil is the best option to avoid itching during periods. It moisturizes the vagina. Which keeps you comfortable. Due to this the complaint of itching goes away forever.

2. Increase hygiene level

The private part of women is the most sensitive. Therefore, it becomes important to take special care of its cleanliness. Vaginal oil takes care of your vagina. Due to problems like bad odor, infections are removed. So if possible, keep it in your purse.

3. Relief from vagina common problems

Vaginal oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and inflammatory properties due to the problem of using hair removal cream, waxing, shaving, etc. Yoni oil helps heal all these difficulties. Because Yoni oil keeps Vagina moisturized. Therefore, all these problems start recovering quickly, At the same time, the yoni oil also keeps balance the pH level of the vagina.

4. Get rid of ingrown hair

The Yoni oil prevents the vaginal area from ingrown hair. Because it keeps the vagina moist. Therefore it helps in growing hair properly. So that you do not complain about ingrown hair while waxing or shaving.

5. Removes the blackness of your vaginal area

It is usually the problem of all women that their vaginal areas and inner thighs are getting dark. You have used many cosmetic products but the problem is still there. But the regular use of Yoni oil also removes these problems.

The essential oil which is found in Yoni oil is helpful to remove the blackness of the skin. To get better results, you have to keep patience. This is my own experience. This is a miracle. Its effect may vary among all women. (That is, a woman can get its result quickly and another woman can get a little late)

What Are The Side Effects Of Yoni Oil?

No major side effects of Yoni oil have been revealed so far. While we have already told you that this oil has been designed only for your vaginal area ie external use.

You cannot put this oil inside your Vagina. If this happens then you can get to see its side effects. Which can cause infectious diseases.

What Exactly Is Yoni Soap?

I hope you have understood all the topics of how to make vaginal oil and what are its benefits. Now let us know about vaginal soap. This is also a natural vaginal soap. This soap is made to keep the vagina clean and hygienic.

Which is made to prevent bad odor and infection of your vagina. If you do not want to use any other soap, you can make your vaginal soap at home. This will prove to be excellent for you. You can use soap and vagina oil for better care of your vagina.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoni Soap?

The Benefits Of Yoni Soap

Using vaginal soap helps you deal with dryness and provide relief from itching, among other benefits.
We suggest you use this soap with vaginal oil in your daily routine. Due to this, you get to see noticeable results. which is like this.

1. Get rid of infection and odor

Vaginal soap removes all types of infections and odors from your vagina. Which is very important for your vaginal health. Due to this, minor vaginal health issues start reducing automatically. And you can maintain better vaginal health without much effort.

2. Ph level is maintained

Vaginal soap does not strip away the natural moisture. Due to this its delicate pH balance is maintained. It also cleans the vagina. And that too without causing any infection or irritation.

3. Get rid of dryness and itching

This soap helps reduce dryness and itching from the vagina. Due to this, the vagina remains clean and itching-free. At the same time, the natural moisture of the vagina is maintained. Therefore, include it in your daily routine.

And give natural care to your vagina. Looking at its benefits, this soap is proving to be good for your vaginal health. You can make this soap at home with completely natural ingredients. Because with homemade soap, you are guaranteed its purity.

How To Make Organic DIY Yoni Soap At Home?

Organic DIY Yoni Soap

Using the right ingredients, you can make your all-natural vaginal soap. You should not use it in these incidents. Due to which you are allergic.


1 cup organic melt and pour soap base (unscented)
1 tablespoon organic coconut oil
1 tablespoon organic honey
1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon dried calendula petals (optional)
1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers (optional)
5-10 drops of tea tree essential oil (optional, for its antimicrobial properties)
5-10 drops of lavender essential oil (optional, for a soothing scent)


1. Keep your work area clean before making soap. And gather all the ingredients and utensils.

2. To melt the soap base easily, cut it into small cubes. Place the soap base cubes in a heatproof bowl and melt them in the microwave. You can also use the double boiler method for this. Keep stirring occasionally until it melts completely.

3. Now once the soap base is melted. So add 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil to it. And mix it well.

4. add 1 tablespoon of organic honey to it. And stir well. Next, add 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar. Mix well. If you are using dried calendula petals and chamomile flowers, then add them to this mixture at this time. And then mix the mixture well.

5. Add 5-10 drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils to this soap to get additional benefits and fragrance. And then stir well. Now pour this entire mixture into the soap mold. Let it cool. And let it set completely.

6. Once the soap has set. Then carefully remove it from the molds.

7. Allow the vaginal soap to dry for at least 24 hours before using it. Due to this, this soap becomes hard and soft for sensitive areas.

8. Keep vaginal soap in a cool, dry place. You keep it wrapped in parchment paper. Or you can also store it in an airtight container.

This vaginal soap is prepared from natural ingredients. But you may not have any adverse reactions. Therefore, before using it on the vaginal area, you must test it on a small area of your skin. You can adjust this recipe based on your personal preferences. And if you have specific concerns or sensitivities. Then you may need the advice of a health care professional.

How To Use Yoni Soap?

How To Use Yoni Soap

Wet the area: Wet the outer vagina with warm water. By doing this the skin becomes soft. And gets ready for cleaning.

Make lather: Take vaginal soap. And make lather by rubbing it between your hands. You can also apply the soap directly on the vaginal area. But applying foam first is often softer.

Clean gently: Use your fingers to gently clean the outer vaginal area. Pay attention to folds and folds as well as pubic hair. Avoid putting soap inside the vagina. This soap is designed for external use only.

Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the area thoroughly with warm water to remove any soap residue. Take care to avoid irritation. That all the soap has been washed off.

Pat dry: After washing, pat the area dry with a clean, soft towel. Avoid rubbing vigorously. Because it may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Frequency: You can usually use vaginal soap during your daily shower or bath. However, it is also necessary. But do not clean the genital area too much. Because this can disturb the natural PH balance of the vagina. Once a day is usually enough for most women.

Listen to your body: If you feel any irritation or discomfort. So stop using it. And consult a healthcare professional. Everyone’s body is different. And that works for one person. It is not necessary that it is suitable for others also.

Remember, vaginal soap is just a substitute for intimate hygiene. And some women also prefer to use mild, fragrance-free soap or simply warm water. Always choose such products. Which are mild, and pH-balanced. and are designed for external use on the genital area.

Final Words

Yoni oil is a natural healing feminine therapy. Which is not very strong in the aroma. So it is safe for Vagina. If you do not want to invest in expensive Yoni oil, then you can also try it.

It is safe as long as you are using it externally. But if you are allergic to any oil or fragrance, then you skip that oil.


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