What Is Coffee Butter And How To Use It For Soap Making?

Coffee Butter Soap Making

In this post What Is Coffee Butter And How To Use It For Soap Making? This butter is a wonderful and nutritious ingredient to make soap. Which adds a unique taste and aroma to your handmade soap. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

This makes it perfect for making natural skin care products. Read further to know more about it.

What Is Coffee Butter?

What Is Coffee Butter?

It is a coffee-infused version of shea butter. Which is often grown in Africa and India. It is, as its name suggests. Butter that is “brewed” (i.e. melted) with ground coffee beans. It is also known as butter oil. This liquid resembles strong black coffee. It is brown in color and has a strong aroma.

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Why Use Coffee Butter in Soap Making?

 Coffee Butter in Soap Making?

This butter is very much discussed in today’s time. It is a popular soap-making ingredient for homemade skin care products because of its nutrition.

It helps to soothe, protect, soften, and regenerate the skin thanks to its beneficial properties. Its antioxidant content neutralizes free radicals.

Thereby helping to fight the signs of premature aging. this butter also adds a unique flavor and aroma to your soap. that will surely make you happy.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make Coffee Butter for Soap Making

There are many ways to use this butter in soap making. You can add them as an ingredient to your homemade soap. Or you can use them in place of other oils or butter in your recipes. Another way is to toss it in oils before adding it to your recipe. Apart from this, there is another main reason. It also acts as a natural preservative. This means it can keep your soap fresher for longer. And also prevents bacteria from growing on the product.

The traditional way to make CB

As we said this is the traditional way of making this butter. so it’s going to take a little longer. But this has one advantage. You can use any type of freshly ground coffee you prefer.

Part 1


1 glass jar (The Jar Will Determine How Much You Can Make)

2. any freshly ground coffee (Coffee is needed that it fills the jar of 80%)

3. coconut oil or olive oil or sunflower oil (whichever you like)
4. a fine sieve

The traditional way to make coffee butter

Fill the glass jar up to 80% full with freshly ground coffee. Then put this much oil in it. In which the whole coffee is immersed. Mix it well. And leave it for 2 weeks. Keep running it daily.

After 2 weeks you can see that the mixer has become very thick. Now filter it thoroughly with a fine sieve. And keep collecting the coffee powder in a separate vessel.

Now is the time to rein it in. (This process is done so that there is no ground in your coffee oil. And the butter becomes very smooth) Then filter it completely by laying cheesecloth on a sieve. As much as possible, You now have a dense black-colored oil with a strong coffee aroma.

Part 2


First, weigh your infused coffee oil and measure other ingredients same amount as.

1. cocoa butter

2. shea butter

3. soy wax flacks (optional)

4. olive oil

5. vitamin E capsules 4 to 5 no.

6. hand blender or beater

The traditional way to make coffee butter

Melt all the oils while stirring with the double boiler method. After cooling 50% slowly add coffee-infused oil while stirring. Until the oil and coffee oil mix together.

After this keep it in the freezer for half an hour. Now beat it again for 15 minutes with dark-infused coffee oil and vitamin E capsules. Butter will swell and become thick. Your butter is ready.

Store it in a clean glass jar. Now we will learn further how you can make homemade soap from this butter.

Bonus Tip

You can also use this butter directly as body lotion or moisturizer after showering. With which you can get smooth and supple skin.

How To Use Coffee Butter For Soap Making?

When it comes to soap making. So this butter becomes a great alternative because of its high content of fatty acids. Which works to make foam and moisturize in soap. So let’s see how to make cold process soap with this butter.

Safety Measures

Safety Measures

Before making this butter soap comes the matter of safety measures. Because the oil from this butter can cause skin or eye irritation if directly exposed.

Therefore it is important to wear protective gear for any kind of handling. For example, wear goggles and rubber gloves before making soap. Always use utensils that you do not use for cooking.

C B Soap Recipe (melt and pour)


6-cavity silicon mold
7.9 oz. distilled water
3.4 oz. sodium hydroxide
1 teaspoon freshly ground coffee beans (optional)
8 oz. honey-infused avocado oil
8 0z. olive oil
4 oz. coffee butter
half a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil
1 stick blender

Coffee Butter Soap Recipe

Now take a large glass vessel, add measured distilled water to it, and then slowly add sodium hydroxide to it and stir gently. Until they mix completely in water.

Melt all the oils and the butter. Now check the temperature of Hirdorix which should be 145-degree calcium. And the oil should be 135 degrees Celsius.

after that slowly pour the hydroxide water into the oils. And mix well with a stick blender. until the middle trace is obtained. Keep in mind that the speed of the stick blender should be medium. add ground coffee beans (if you want to add them, which will give a slightly scrubby texture to the soap) add essential oil to the mixture, and mix gently.

Now, this mixture is ready to fill in the mold. Pour slowly into the mold so that air bubbles do not form. Now cover it with a thick towel by offering it a plastic wrap. Leave it in the same place for 24 hours without stirring.

After that check. Whether your soap is fully set or not. If you are making it in summer then it may take a little longer.

Unmold And Cut Into Bar Soap

Unmold And Cut Into Bar Soap

When soap is harder and cools down. So keeping it on the chopping board cut the soap into slice bars with a sharp knife. Remember to cut the bar at a gap of one inch, so that the soap can last longer. Now your butter soap is ready.

Now connect these bars from this distance by giving a little gap and let them cure in a cool air dry place for 4-6 weeks. As long as enough to last daily use without worrying about dissipating quickly due to moisture retention issues. Use these soaps only after this. Due to this it will become hard and will be used for a long time.

Enjoy Your Homemade Soap

Enjoy Your Homemade Soap

Now get ready to have that wonderful “freshening up” experience. Which is possible only with homemade soap.

Final Words

This soap is also available in the market. But homemade soap is not able to compete. In this article, we have guided you step by step so that you can make good quality homemade soap with your favorite ingredients.

Apart from being skin-friendly, this soap will also remove dead skin cells. And will make your skin soft and smooth. We hope you have enjoyed this article.


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