Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?

Does Coffee Cause Toothache?

The most commonly used hot beverage worldwide is coffee. Those who like to drink as soon as they wake up in the morning. But do you know whether coffee is good for your health or not? Today we will discuss this ( Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?) topic. What is the amount of caffeine due in 1 cup of coffee? How to enjoy your favorite coffee and avoid its side effects.

How much caffeine is found in coffee?

How much caffeine is found in coffee?

The caffeine found in coffee is considered to be the central nervous system. Due to the high quantity of tannins, you cause yourself to harm yourself instead of benefit. Similarly, caffeine is also found in tea, chocolate, energy bars, candy, etc., which damages the health of your gums. That is why Coffee causes toothache and it is Really Bad For Your Teeth.

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How Bad Is Coffee On Teeth?

How Bad Is Coffee On Teeth?

As we said, coffee causes toothache and it is really bad for your teeth. Coffee can damage your teeth by producing bacteria in your mouth. This is because. Because there is a layer of enamel on the teeth to prevent sensitivity.

Because coffee is acidic. By drinking it, this layer of enamel goes away. And all the problems of teeth, teeth thining cavities, gums, smell, etc. are connected to this.

Does Coffee Cause Toothache?

In short, yes. For your stomach and teeth, your toothache is also acidic. Every food that benefits you. And more conversion can also harm it.

Not only coffee and types of beverages also spoil the pH level of teeth like citric fruits. Which can cause toothache as well as discoloration.

But some home remedies are reported. not only this, but coffee can harm your teeth in many ways.

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Which Coffee Is Bad For You?

Which Coffee Is Bad For You?

Now the question must be coming to your mind which coffee can harm our teeth? Do we stop drinking coffee? No, we are not asking you to leave coffee completely.

If you like to drink sugar, milk, or cream in your coffee, then it is the worst for your teeth.

You should make a habit of drinking black coffee in moderation (without sugar and milk or cream). It is less harmful to your teeth. In hot Beverages, a lot of sugar and milk can damage your tooth enamel.

How To Protect Your Teeth From Discoloration?

How To Protect Your Teeth From Discoloration?

All the products in which caffeine is found. The natural color of the teeth is spoiled. If you are a coffee lover then you need to take some precautions.

1. After half an hour of drinking coffee (do not do this immediately after drinking hot coffee, so that your teeth can be shocked) rinse your teeth with water. By doing this, your teeth will not be yellow to a great extent.

2. Always start using toothpaste that is for teeth whitening.

3. Use food items made of sugar at least.

4. add protein and calcium-rich food to your diet.

5. You can use a straw to drink coffee but this tip can only be effective for cold coffee.

6. do not use tobacco or smoking

Are you still troubled by teeth rage? And the problem is the same as it is. Do you want to take teeth whitening treatment? Because it will not solve your problem completely but can give you more tooth problems. Let us know how?

Tooth Whitening Treatment Research Case Study

Tooth Whitening Treatment Research

Here we will be able to learn the myths and reality of teeth whitening. You probably did not know yet.

Dental whitening is a common process. In which bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel, and brushing are used. According to the FDA, whitening works to bring back the natural color of teeth. And bleaching acts as a whiteness beyond the natural color.

But no one talks about it. How much of the enamel (The enamel protects your teeth with sensitivity. If this layer is removed from the teeth, then there may be many more problems with your teeth) of teeth have to suffer from all this.
Scientific Advisor Senior Teacher Moskovskaya came. N. The Department of Foreign Languages ​​was treated in 1959 for white teeth at the Belarusian State Medical University Minsk.

Material and method

For this research, some native and foreign literature was used as sources of information. And 50 students were taken from the dental faculty and 50 students of BSMU. Those who agreed to go through inquiries. The test was also allowed by Associate Professors of the General Dentistry Department of Belarusian State Medical University.

The test included a lot of home remedies and treatments for teeth whitening. The purpose of its testing was to know the side effects on the enamel of teeth. However, the people we questioned, most of them did not know about the negative effects of teeth whitening. The professionals interviewed in this test have confirmed the harmful effects of whitening. because hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are in high concentrations.


This research suggests that home remedies and teeth whitening damage tolerate enamel. The relevance of this work is to inform people about the real consequences of whitening.
But after this test, he said that there are only some alternative ways to achieve the effect of teeth white without destroying enamel.

If your doctor is suggesting teeth whitening. If you have any serious issues related to dental, then you should get treatment from a doctor. So you can make it feel free. But you get at least the teeth whitening so that you do not get its bad effects.

Home Remedies For Teeth Discoloration

Use without any chemicals, and you can brighten your teeth at home even without damaging the enamel of your teeth.

1. Oil Pulling


2 tablespoons oil (sesame or coconut oil)

The most effective and chemical-free oil pulling not only cleans your teeth but also maintains your oral health.

For this, you can use organic, extra virgin, or edible Coconut Oil or sesame oil When you wake up in the morning, without brushing your teeth, you have to put 2 tablespoons of oil in your mouth and rotate it slowly in the whole mouth. (To know that the oil is not to be swallowed) You have to do this action for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then the oil has to be spit out and rinse 2 to 3 times with normal water (rinse water is also not swallowed.) By doing you can brush your teeth. If you have very serious tooth discoloration, then you can do it for 1 month daily. If there are fewer problems, then you can do it 4 times a week.

Benefits of oil pulling

This home remedy works like magic. The natural color of your teeth will start coming back. Oil pulling detoxifies your entire mouth. Due to this, there is no problem of discoloration, cavities, smell, pain, and teeth, and the natural enamel of your teeth is also safe. Oil pulling keeps your mouth fresh and toxin-free After some time you will get to see its results. But for this, you have to keep your Patience.

You can do this process by doing any work. There is no need to get a separate time for this. We suggest that you keep doing it until you get the desired results. there are no side effects of the home remedy

Watch This Video For More Details

2. Charcoal Powder

Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?

Charcoal powder or charcoal tablets (crush the tablets) are very effective in brightening your teeth. For this, take 1 tsp powder in a toothbrush and brush your teeth for 1 to 2 minutes. And then rinse it. It is an effective home remedy. Which will give you very good results. It is also very effective for your gum health.

3. apple cider vinegar

Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?


1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 cup of water

Apple cider vinegar also works to brighten your teeth. For this, you have to mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water and rotate it completely in your mouth.

You can end this water sip by sip. You can do this home remedy 1 time in a week. We do not recommend more than this.

This Remedy is used to whiten teeth. If you complain about dental sensitivity, then do not do this remedy. Citric fruits as good for your teeth, but due to excessive use, they can also damage the teeth.

4. Baking soda

Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?


1 teaspoon baking soda

some drops of water

For this remedy, take 1 tsp baking soda in your toothbrush and brush for 1 to 2 minutes, and then rinse the mouth. You get to see instant results from this remedy. This Remedy works to whiten your teeth.

Or take 2 pieces of foil paper. Take 1 tsp baking soda and mix 2 drops of water in it and wrap this foil paper on your teeth, keep for 2 to 3 minutes, and then rinse your mouth.

We recommend using this remedy 1 day a month. Because excessive use can harm the enamel of teeth.

5. Dental kit

Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?


1 dental kit

You get a dental kit from a chemist or your doctor. This kit provides a tooth-shaped plastic cover and a solution. Put this solution in this tooth cover and keep it on your teeth for some time. The correct use of this is provided to you in the kit. This Remedy is also very effective, it gives you instant results.

You have to use this kit only at your doctor’s suggestion. Use this minimum because excessive use can harm your teeth. By now you must have come to know completely through this post( Does coffee cause toothache? Is It really bad for your teeth)


Through this post, (Does Coffee Cause Toothache? Is It Really Bad For Your Teeth?) we have made you aware of all types of health problems with coffee.

Because every Healthy food item benefits, you can also harm yourself with a large amount of consumption. All these health issues can depend from person to person.

If the caffeine has increased in your body. And if you have started getting Major Health Issues, then you need advice from your dentist. And you should reduce your coffee.

FAQs about Coffee

Consumption of large amounts of caffeine can harm you along with your teeth as well as your gums. Because coffee does not allow Saliva to be made because it can cause gums diseases to occur.

According to FDA, no more than 4 cups of coffee per day should be consumed. But it has also been seen that some people have been found to be more sensitive than other caffeine content in coffee. This is because the metabolism of everyone works in different ways.

Consumption of excess coffee can lead to insomnia, disturbances in metabolism, dehydration, fatigue, toothache, headache, addiction, nervousness, anxiety, Nervousness and high heart rate, disturbed stomach, nausea, dizziness, incontinence, dysphoria, health risk, etc. If all these symptoms are seen in you, then you should stop drinking coffee for some time.

The caffeine takes at least 10 hours or more time to get out of your blood completely. And it also depends from the body to the body. Some people have seen that it has taken caffeine to get out of their body for 6 hours.

Leaving coffee makes you productive. You start staying happier. Vitamins and minerals in the body are well absorbed. Your sleep starts getting good.



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