[8 Tips] Eating Chapati (Indian Bread) For Quick Weight Loss

Chapati (Indian Bread) For Quick Weight Loss

What comes to your mind as soon as you hear about a chapati (Indian bread) diet? Do you really want to lose weight with chapati? If yes then we post this 8 Tips Eating Chapati For Quick Weight Loss

I have tried to cover all the topics related to the chapati diet, which you have come to know here through this post. So, without taking too much of your time, you proceed with the details of this chapati diet. So keep reading this post further.

8 Tips for Eating Chapati (Indian Bread) For Quick Weight Loss

Is Chapati (Indian Bread) Healthy?

The answer is yes, chapati is healthy but the method of eating it is different so that you can take more health benefits of chapati.

You can make chapati in many ways, it is not just made with wheat flour, to make it more healthy, you can use variations in it.

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Benefits Of Eating Chapati (Indian Bread) On Your Health

Benefits Of Eating Chapati (Indian Bread) On Your Health

1. A good amount of fiber is found in chapati. Which corrects your bowl movement. So that you do not complain about constipation.

2. It is low in fat and contains carbohydrates, protein, and in addition to iron, and other vitamins and minerals. Which is very important for your overall health.

3. Chapati gives you instant energy so that you feel energized throughout the day. Carbohydrates provide you instant energy which is found in plenty in chapati.

4. By eating chapatti, the amount of hemoglobin in your body is correct. Therefore, you must add chapati to your diet. Because it contains iron which helps in observing hemoglobin.

5. All these vitamins and minerals we have told you above. Apart from this, minerals like vitamin B, calcium, zinc, potassium, silicon, etc. are also found in it.

6. And it is very important to have all the minerals in your body. So that you always feel healthy.

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Which Flour Is The Best To Make Chapati (Indian Bread) More Healthy

1. Gram Flour

Which Flour Is The Best To Make Chapati (Indian Bread) More Healthy

You can use gram flour to make chapatti more healthy, that is, you can make chapatti by mixing half wheat flour and half quantity of gram flour.

Which makes it even more healthy because gram flour is low in fat and wheat flour There is also low in fat, which gives you the health benefits of gram flour too.


Gram flour chapati proves very beneficial for diabetic patients as it has a low sugar level.

2. Soybean Flour

soyabean flour

You can also make healthy chapatti by mixing soybean flour with wheat flour you can make chapati by mixing 75% wheat flour and 25% soybean flour.

Due to the high amount of protein in soybean, your chapati and healthy are made. And in this type of chapati, you get the amount of protein according to the requirement of 1 meal requirement.


Soybeans should always be used sparingly because as many of their benefits can be as much as their disadvantages.

If you consume it in plenty, then soybean is very beneficial for the ladies but it is not so beneficial for men.

If you are giving this chapati to a man, then always keep the quantity of soybean low. And always men should consume fewer amounts of soybeans.

Because It reduces testosterone, a hormone found in men.

3. Oatmeal


You can also make healthy chapatis by mixing oats flour with wheat flour. Because oats are found in good amounts in fiber, proteins, and complex carbohydrates.

Which keeps your hunger under control. And you don’t feel hungry soon. And this helps in reducing your weight.


To get more benefits from oats, you should include them in your breakfast, always buy Plain oats from the market, and from that.

You can make smoothies, pudding and masala oats, etc. which will keep your weight under control.

4. Millets Flour

millet flour

Millets Flour includes millet, barley, maize, sorghum and etc. which are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, fats, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. The chapati made from these flours is good for our health and helps to control weight.


Use chapatis made of these millets mostly in winter. In summer you can use Barley sorghum. Because it provides coolness to the body.

5. Vegetables


Yes, you heard exactly right, how can we forget the vegetables to control our weight, Vegetables also play an important role in our diet. With vegetables also you can make healthy chapattis.

you can have your favorite in it. Vegetables such as beet, carrot, cauliflower, bottle guard and spinach, etc.

It can be crushed and mixed with wheat flour to make healthy chapatis Which, while being delicious, will also help in reducing your weight.


Chapattis are made from vegetables or not only are delicious to eat, but it is a good source to add vegetables to our day. Due to this, we are adding a lot of vegetables to our diet.

You can add all these flours and vegetables to your test to make chapatis Which will be slightly different from normal wheat chapatis and will help you control your weight along with the taste.

In this way, by using different flours in our diet, our body gets all those nutrients. This helps in reducing the extra weight, if you want to reduce the weight from chapatis then this is all the best options.


You can also do this, that you can keep 400gm of all the flour (gram flour, soybean, oats, millets) in 5 kg wheat flour at once. So that you do not have to make their ratio again and again.

How Much Chapati (Indian Bread) Should I Eat In A Day?

You get to see many such articles and videos on Google and YouTube where Macros are talked about. That you have to make your own Macros. How many carbs you have to eat in 1 day.

However, there are two types of carbs. One is the carbs that you get from cookies, pizza, pasta, and junk food. There is one healthy carb which is called complex carbs. Which includes sweet potato, oats, etc.

These carbs take time to digest so that you do not feel hungry quickly and your weight is reduced. As we told you, chapati is also a good source of carbohydrates. But you have to consume it in small quantities. If you want to lose weight with chapati.

1. About Macros

You will find many such articles and videos on social media. Where professionals talk about macros. That you should make your own micros. And how much of your carbohydrate ratio does it? So that you will know how many carbohydrates you can consume in a day.

2. How Cna We Calories Count Without Macros

But we will not talk about macros here because it is very difficult for common people to create macros. This is a mess for the common people and nothing else.

And this article is being posted for the general public only. So that by not taking too much trouble, you can eat your chapati in a simple way and reduce your weight.

You always include chapatti at lunch. And how to make healthy chapati. We have given you many options before this. You should always include two to three chapattis in your diet or according to your appetite.

You should not make chapati in breakfast or eat any form of chapati like paratha. if you want to lose weight.


If you can make macros of your whole day’s carbohydrates intake. So this is even better. So according to that, you can add your chapatti according to the proportion of your carbohydrate ratio.

Can I Eat Chapati (Indian Bread) At Night For Weight Loss?

We have covered 4 topics, by adopting which you can eat chapatis at night and lose your weight.

Can I Eat Chapati (Indian Bread) At Night For Weight Loss?

1. Chapati Makes You Fat At Night

The biggest source of chapati is energy, which is the carbohydrate we need during the day. So that our body can feel the energy and we can remain active throughout the day.

But at night we do not need much energy. And if we give light food to our body at night, then it keeps our weight in control. If we increase the number of carbohydrates at night. So it can increase our body weight.

2. Control Your Portion Of Chapati (Indian Bread) At Night

If you want to eat chapatti at night, then you should keep more quantity of any lentils or vegetables with it and eat only one or at most two chapattis and do not do this every day.

you can do it two or three times a week so That your weight will also be under control and your chapattis will also be eating.

3. How To Make Chapati (Indian Bread) More Nutritious At Night

If you have to eat chapatti at night. So you can make chapatis by adding Vegetables. Which will also end your craving to eat chapati. And there will also be Nutricious.

Although carbohydrates are also found in Vegetables, carbohydrates in Vegetables are not taken into account.

4. Eat Food Early At Night.

Eating food early at night is a very important benefit. One is that your food is digested quickly so that the body does not have to work very hard to digest it.

Which makes you sleep better. And your weight remains in control. So if you want to lose weight, eat food early at the night and eat light food.


If you use vegetable soups such as Pumpkin, Bitter Gourd, Spinach, Mushroom, Broccoli, Lentil Soup, and salad at night.

Then it is better. Because there is a high amount of fiber in the vegetables your bowel movement is correct.

And you do not complain of constipation. Vitamins and minerals are found in high amounts in vegetables. Which is very important in working the extra weight of our body.

What Can I Eat With Chapati (Indian Bread) To Lose Weight

There is no rule to eat some specials with chapatti. You can eat chapati with your favorite curry, dal, and raita (panner curry, mixed vegetables). But keep in mind, whenever you are eating, always have healthy food on your plate.

Always keep less food on your plate so that you will not eat the access food, which will keep your weight maintained.

How To Make Your Own Calorie Chart To Lose Weight With (Indian Bread) Chapati

To make your own calorie chart you need to know BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Which is your body’s BMR. Every Basal Metabolic Rate is a different BMR of every human being.

If anyone tells you this. If you are so old, then you should consume so many calories, then it will be absolutely wrong. No one can guess this by looking at your age.

Only the BMR calculator can tell how many calories you should take. Where you have to calculate your height, weight, and age of you. Then there are the results.

That is your BMR, that is, there you are told the calories per day and how many calories you should take to stay fit.

We are giving below the link to where you can make your BMR. there are many other options like per day calories count, maintain weight calorie count, body fat, body mass, ideal weight calculator, etc

If You Want Per Day Calories Chart So Click Here


This is the only way to get per day calories needed in your body. From where you can get the correct information. And with its according, you can create your own diet chart. You don’t have to go anywhere else for this.

What You Should Include In Your Routine To Reduce Weight With (Indian Bread) Chapati

If you follow this routine, then you will get better results.

1. How Much Weight do You Want To Loss

To lose weight, it is most important that you first decide how much weight you have to reduce and only then follow a diet plan because if you know what you have to do, then you can do that thing well. You will be able to follow it.

2. Do Some Exercise In Your Daily Routine

It is very important to include exercise in your daily routine. So that you will remain active and feel energized throughout the day.

And it also burns your extra calories. For you can go on a morning walk, do yoga if you go to the gym, it is even better, and you can also do a home walkout.

3. Do Not Skip Your Breakfast

Never avoid breakfast in the morning because the metabolism of our body is very fast in the morning, it is very important to have breakfast to maintain energy throughout the day, this is the time when our body gets good nutrition. So always have breakfast and have a healthy breakfast.

4. Stay Hydrated

Always try to keep your body hydrated, drink a little water after every 1 hour. And if the water is at room temperature.

That’s good. Drink water half an hour before eating, and after 1 hour of eating, make sure to drink water. Because toxins come out of your body by drinking water. And your weight is low.

5. Try To Eat Healthily

To lose weight, always try to eat healthily. Do not include oily food, or junk food in your diet. Jung food contains carbs, which increases your weight. Always eat homemade food. Which will make your weight loss journey even easier.

6. Avoid Too Much Sugar And Salt In Your Food

Always try to keep the salt and sugar in your diet low. If you like to eat sweets then you can use Jaggery, Honey, Dates, and Bananas which will also erase your sugar cravings and give you health benefits as well.

Simple salt Instead you can use Rock Salt Pink or Himalayan Salts. Always cook salt in food, do not eat salt by eating it over food.

If you want to eat, then you can add Rock Salt or Pink Himalayan Salts. Because eating salt and sugar can also increase your weight.

7. Don’t Be Hungry For Long

Do not keep yourself hungry for a long time, if you feel hungry then eat some healthy food or some healthy snacks at that time, and being hungry for a long time creates gas in our body which is a major reason for weight gain.

Being hungry not only affects our body but also you are not able to do any work properly.

8. Eat Light Food At Night

As we have already told you always eat light food at night and keep the carbohydrate quantity low, always focus more on soups and salads at night.

By doing this you will get better sleep and your next day will be full of energy.


These were some basic tips. Which we shared with you if you follow all these tips in your daily routine. So your weight loss journey can be very easy if you follow any diet plan. But it is very important to follow these tips. Dieticians will also advise you to follow these tips.

Watch this video for more details.


If you want to reduce your increased weight by eating chapatti and you are serious about this, then follow this post 8 Tips Eating Chapati For Quick Weight Loss tips we have given in this article.

In a few days, you will see that you have seen a lot of changes in your weight. Not only that, but you will also be more energetic, your face will also glow and you will look more beautiful than before.

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