Purple Vs Gold Sea Moss Which One Is Good For Better Health

Purple Vs Gold Sea Moss

Purple vs. Gold Sea Moss which is good for better health. It’s a highly nutritious and low-calorie meal. Which fulfills all types of nutrients in your body.

it has many types of vitamins and minerals found, and it has no fat and sugar and little traces of plant protein. but sea Moss comes in 3 types of color. These three colors have their own benefits. We will discover further about sea Moss in these three colors.

What Is Sea Moss?

What Is Sea Moss?

It is a type of seaweed that grows along the Atlantic coasts. And other types of seaweed and algae are similar. Sea Moss is a leafy family consisting of kelp. It can contain different types of colors such as gold (yellow) purple (red) and green (brown).

The most type of purple (red) Chondrus crispus is also known as Irish Moss. And Gold (Yellow) Genus Graclaria, Green Chondrus species is also known by the name. men and women can consume sea moss.

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Purple Vs Gold Sea Moss Which One Is Good For Better Health

Sea moss consists of various species of marine algae. Due to the different types of Phytonutrients in sea Moss, their color is different.

The two main types are famous gold (Gracillia) and Purple (Chondrus Crispus) they are used for many purposes. so we’ll tell Purple Vs Gold Sea Moss Which One Is Good For Better Health.

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1. Purple Sea Moss

The purple sea moss is the most famous for Anthosianin antioxidants. Which protects against strong bones, a healthy heart, and some cancer and inflammation. Purple Sea Moss is mostly found in the summer season in North America. It’s called Irish moss (Jamaican) too. and also provide calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, iodine,

This sea moss usually grows on rocks. Therefore, the risk of getting fake moss is reduced. it’s believed that Purple sea Moss is a source of SP after the 1960s. Apart from having good SP content. Purple sea Moss’s fragrance is intense as gold sea moss.

2. Gold Sea Moss

Phytonutrients in Gold sea Moss These chemicals are beneficial in reducing oxidative stress. gold sea moss is famous for its low odor and taste.

Gold Sea moss is slightly thin and stringer. It makes you available for the whole year. So you get it at an Affordable Price. and Both men and women can use it.

Green Color Sea Moss

Green Color Sea Moss

Like purple and gold Sea moss, there are similar benefits to green sea moss. Green Sea Moss(Chondrus species) also contains more than 92 minerals and vitamins. It has iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, sulfur, iron, selenium, manganese, silica, and more! Green Sea Moss is a very rare version of sea moss.

Just as green cabbage varies from purple cabbage, green Sea moss contains chlorophyll which helps in liver detoxification and also increases blood hemoglobin. Along with having a green Sea Moss skin-friendly, it is also effective in reducing bacterial levels in wounds. it’s also good for the thyroid.

It is dried in the shade to maintain its green color. Local people believe that Green Sea Moss may have additional benefits compared to gold Sea moss. Green moss especially has the smell and taste of a strong ocean. Local people call it incredible Hulk Sea Moss.

Which Sea Moss Is Better For Good Health

Sea Mosses are very low in calories and are filled with various vitamins and minerals. They do not have any fat and sugar and have very little traces of plant protein. It does not matter much, what color you are using Sea Moss. You pay attention to its benefits.

  • Rich in Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins, Magnesium
  • Support Mental Health
  • Source Of Energy
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Nutrient-Packed
  • Soothe Digestion And Pre-Biotics
  • Mucus Removal
  • Strengthen Joints and Bone
  • Support Healthy Skin
  • Support Weight Loss
  • Aides in Bowel Regulation
  • Boost Immunity

Whether you apply sea moss on the skin, apply it to the hair, or add it to your regular food. It is effective in every way. This not only makes your skin wrinkle-free and hair makes healthy but also promotes your immunity, improves gut health and it stores essential vitamins and minerals in your body, skin, and hair. To get more benefits, use both Sea Mosses. (purple and gold)

Real Vs Fake Sea Moss Which One Is Good For Better Health

Real Vs Fake Sea Moss

You can also get fake sea Moss as well as real sea Moss. But you are buying real sea moss or fake. You should have complete knowledge of this. How do you recognize real sea moss or fake sea Moss?

1. A Large Amount Of Salt

Fake sea Moss has a high amount of salt. Whereas the real moss contains less salt. If particles like table salt appear in sea moss. So it is fake sea moss. Because the real sea moss contains fine particles of sea salt, which is less salt.

2. Difference in color

This is also an easy way to identify fake sea moss. Fake sea moss will be light in color to real sea moss. Because the color of the real is slightly dark. Pool-grown sea moss is fake. Which cannot compete with wildcrafted sea moss. So whenever you buy Sea Moss, you must pay attention to its color.

3. A lot of stems

Real Vs Fake Sea Moss

Even small baby stems have emerged from a stem of real Sea moss. Which is the identity of the real Sea Moss. There will be a real Sea moss thin and stringy. If you soak Sea Moss in water overnight and see it the next morning, even more, small baby stems will be associated with the big stem of real Sea moss.

By soaking, you will be well visible to these stems. Because on the rock, the string of Sea Moss is sticking like a shape of the hand. Due to this, the Sea Moss takes all the nutrition of rock. While fake Sea Moss string will be slippery and slightly wet.

4. Triple In Size

There is another way to recognize the real Sea moss. If you soak the real Sea moss overnight in water, it will be tripled in size. Whereas there will be nothing like this in fake sea Moss. If your sea Moss Hydarted is tripled in size, it means it is the real sea moss.

5. Nutritional Value

The gap between real Sea Moss and fake Sea Moss also occurs in its Nutritional value. The real Sea Moss is full of nutrients. Which is a complete nutrient of rock, sun, and its surrounding space. While there is no nutrition value due to being a fake Sea moss pool grown. So keep these things in mind while buying a Sea moss.

Sea Moss Capsules Vs Gel Which One Is Good For Better Health

Sea Moss Capsules Vs Gel

When it comes to good health, your confusion is natural. Because Sea Moss Gel is better than capsules. It is also important for you so that you can take more advantage of Sea Moss.

1. Sea Moss Gel

You can prepare Sea Moss Gel at home. Which you can eat by mixing your smoothies, desserts, etc. There is no tasty but the health benefits are countless.

You can also use Sea Moss Gel as a face pack, and you can also use it like a hair gel by mixing it with your favorite hair oil. It can be stored in an airtight container and kept in the fridge.

Which can be consumed for about 1 week. And it is also good for those who cannot swallow capsules. If you buy Sea Moss and make a gel, it does not fall heavy on your pocket.

2. Sea Moss Capsules

The form of capsules is prepared by making Sea Moss dry and powder. Which you can swallow with water. Which gives you the same benefits. You can carry Sea Moss Capsules with you. Due to this, it becomes more convenient for you. If you consume it in the form of capsules, then you are eating a limited quantity.

Due to this, you avoid eating access to Sea moss. Along with this, the capsules do not expire for a long time. Due to this, it becomes easy to use. But Sea Moss capsules are costly.

Both of them have their own advantage. But if you do not have time to make a Sea Moss Gel, and you want to add Sea Moss to your diet, then you can go towards capsules. capsules will also give the same benefits.

How Much Sea Moss To Take Daily?

If you are an adult, then on the daily basis you can consume Sea Moss only 1 or 2 Tablespoons (4 to 8gm). And the daily dose for the Children should be 1 tablespoon.

So that you will not get to see any side effects. But if you have a thyroid problem and your blood shows more iodine in your body than normal, then do not consume Sea Moss. you can use Sea Moss gel in your smoothies, desserts, or any dish which you like.

We have told this quantity for Sea Moss gel.

FAQ About Sea Moss

If even now any questions in your mind have tried to answer all the questions that are being asked mostly.

1. Does sea moss gel need to be refrigerated?

Yes, of course, you can store Sea Mose in Fidge and Freezer. To store for a long time, you should store Sea Moss Gel in the freezer by making small batches.

2. What happens by eating expired Sea Moss Gel?

Eating expired Sea Moss gel can cause complaints like vomiting, fatigue, nausea, stomach discomfort, etc., so you can make Sea Moss Gel in small batches or store it in the freezer.

3. How long does Sea Moss gel last?

You can use Sea Moss Gel for 1 month. if your dry sea moss expired please do not make a gel.

4. Who shouldn’t take sea moss?

If you have iodine deficiency in the body, then you can use Sea Moss. But use Sea moss in limited quantity, as it stimulates the thyroid gland in your body, which can increase the chances of hypothyroidism and goiters. For more information, use Sea Moss only by consulting your doctor.

5. How do you use sea moss for hair growth?

Sea Moss Gel is best for every problem with your hair. Let the moss gel be applied to the hair for some time and rinse it. You will get to see an immediate difference in your hair, Regular use will also see new growth and nourish your hair.

6. Can sea moss help with stretch marks?

Sea moss is found in plenty of vitamin k, which increases skin elasticity. And reduces stretch marks. If you have any kind of stretch marks on your body, apply Moss Gel from the area for a few days, and you will get better results.

7. What are the side effects of Sea Moss?

Sea moss consists of dominant metals and iodine. Access consumption can promote health complications such as toxins and heavy metals. Therefore, use Sea Moss only in limited quantities.


we have discussed all kinds of benefits of it. Sea Moss acts as a health supplement. Excessive intake of this can also be harmful to you. So consume it in moderation itself. If you have thyroid, do not take C Moss.

For more information, include Sea Moss in your diet by consulting your doctor.


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