15 Basic Girl Code Rules: Every Guy Must Know About Women

Girl Code Rules: Every Guy Must Know

Today women have come so far. That (15 Basic Girl Code Rules: Every Guy Must Know About Women) code rules have been made for them. Which every man should know.

So that he can know more closely about his woman so that his relation becomes good. So we have shared some of the best girl code rules with you in this post.

What Is Girl Code?

The meaning of the Girl Code is a woman. In this girl code, you can not go on date with a friend’s ex-friends and your ex-boyfriend’s friend which is against the girl code.

If you come to know that something is wrong with your friend. So you shouldn’t ignore him. Because every woman deserves respect. And he must know (15 Basic Girl Code Rules: Every Guy Must Know About Women) right and wrong. Not every woman should go against this girl code rules.

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Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

1. Do not say bad things about her friends you do not know completely. By the way, you should not speak badly about any woman. But don’t speak ill of any female friend of your woman. Unless you know her well. Because this will annoy your girlfriend. And quarrels may arise in your relationship.

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2. A woman doesn’t ignore another woman. A woman never ignores another woman. Particularly, if it is his style of dressing or his looks. She will give the correct answer on all. If you ask her, she won’t lie.

Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

3. Do not compare yourself and her female friends. Your girlfriend has her own circle of female friends. You should never choose between your woman and her female friends.

Meaning, you don’t compare yourself with your girl’s friends, your woman will not like it and she will not think well of you. It will be very difficult for him. Perhaps your relationship may also be in danger.

4. Do not date your ex’s friend. You should never date your ex’s friend. This is against the girl code rules. Which can ruin your relationship. And it sounds pretty ridiculous.

Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

5. Nothing can be hidden between women. Girls share everything among themselves. If they have been friends for a long time. She also shares everything about her boyfriend. So you shouldn’t cross that range.

Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

6. Let your woman have a night out with your female friends. As we have already told you. Your woman has a female friend’s gang of her own. So you never stop her to meet his friends. It would be against the girl code rules. Girls often like to have a night out with their friends. which is their right.

Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

7. A woman’s female friends are also important to her. Along with you, your friends are also very important to your girlfriend. You should never treat her friends badly. It would be against the girl code rules. If you treat her friends well, then your relationship will get better.

8. Be sure to praise your woman. When she asks you how she looks. Whenever your girlfriend is getting ready. And if she asks you how she looks. So you should never lie to her. It would be against the girl code rules. Give her the correct answer.

9. Be Honest. Who doesn’t like to meet an honest person? Be honest with your woman no matter what she is asking of you. Just tell the truth. girls like an honest man.

Here Are The 15 Basic Girl Code Rules

10. Don’t use unspoken words. Never speak bad words to your girlfriend, even if she is making a mistake, then answer her correctly. Otherwise, it will go against girl code rules. And she will understand that you are not right for her.

11. Never leave her alone when she needs you the most. You never leave her alone. When you two are going out together. Support her, take care of her. Which will show that you care for her and love her.

If your woman is a drunk, don't leave her alone.

12. If your woman is a drunk, don’t leave her alone. If your woman has drunk too much alcohol. Stay with him don’t leave her alone. handle her and safely leave her home.

13. Keep personal matters between your girl and you a secret. Keep the personal things between your girlfriend and you to yourself, do not share them with anyone. No matter how close friends they are to you. It will be against the girl code rules.

14. Give her the right answer if she is asking you something. If she is discussing with you a topic and she wants to get your opinion about it from you. Then give her the correct answer. By which you will have a good bonding with your girlfriend.

Never ditch your woman.

15. Never ditch your woman. Always be loyal to your girlfriend, don’t try to ditch her. It will be against the girl code rules. And when he gets to know about your intentions. Then she will start hating you and your relationship will break.


We have covered all the points against (15 Basic Girl Code Rules: Every Guy Must Know About Women) Girl Code Rules in detail in this post. What a man should know. If he wants to maintain good relation with his woman. If you have any queries regarding this post then write to us. Like and Forward this post.


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